Rosetta Journal Issue #17. Spring 2015

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Guy Kirkham-Smith: Editorial


Alade, A.: 'Stories of Migration and State Formation in Yorubaland: A Re-assessment of Yoruba Myth and Legend of Creation'

Baker, B.: 'Shedding Misconceptions of Nicander's Theriaca'

Fragkaki, M.: 'The Great Rhetra'

Mureddu, N.: 'The Gorgon and the Cross: Rereading the Alexander Mosaic and the House of the Faun at Pompeii'

Quintana, C.: ''A Reconsideration of the 'Disappearance' of Nubian 'A-Groups' and the Subsequent 'Hiatus' in Lower Nubia (ca. 2900-2300 BC)'

Rodriguez-Alvarez, E.: 'Mediterranean Seafaring in the 1st Millennium; a Statistical Approach'

Book Reviews

Bamford, D.: 'Eric R. Dursteler, Renegade Women. Gender, Identity, and Boundaries in the Early Modern Mediterranean. Baltimore (MD), Johns Hopkins University Press 2011; E. Natalie Rothman, Brokering Empire. Trans-Imperial Subjects between Venice and Istanbul, Ithaca (NY) and London, Cornell University Press 2012'

Bealby, M. S.: 'Louise Tythacott and Kostas Arvanitis (eds.); Museums and Resitution: New Practices, New Approaches. Surrey: Ashgate Publishing Limited 201'

Booth, C.: 'William Schniedewind & Zipora Cochavi-Rainey (eds.), The El-Amarna Correspondence: A New Edition of the Cuneiform Letters from the Site of El-Amarna Based on Collations of All Extant Tablets; Brill 2015'

Booth, C.: 'Grove, L. & Thomas, S. (eds), Heritage Crime; Progress, Prospects and Prevention; Palgrave Macmillan 2014'

Booth, C.: 'William Carruthers (ed.), Histories of Egyptology: Interdisciplinary Measures; Routledge, Studies in Egytology Series, 2014'

Emanuel, J. P.: 'Shelley Wachsmann, The Gurob Ship-Cart Model and Its Mediterranean Context, Texas A&M University Press; Ed Rachal Foundation Nautical Archaeology Series, 2013'

Leger, R.: 'Michael Scott, Delphi. A History of the Center of the Ancient World, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 2014'

Livingstone, A.: 'Claus Ambos and Lorenzo Verderame (eds.), Approaching Rituals in Ancient Cultures; Proceedings of the Conference. Rome, November 28-30, 2011'

Lowe, A.: 'David T. Sugimoto (ed.); Transformation of a Goddess: Ishtar - Astarte - Aphrodite; Friboug, Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 2014'

Samuels, T.: 'Rebecca Futo Kennedy, Immigrant Women in Athens: Gender, Ethnicity, and Citizenship in the Classical City, New York/London: Routledge 2014'

Young, M.: 'Karen Radner (ed.) State Correspondence in the Ancient World - From New Kingdom Egypt to the Roman Empire. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2014'

Zomer, E.: 'Doris Prechel and Helmut Freydank, Urkunden der koeniglichen Palastverwalter vom Ende des 2. Jt. Chr. Das "Archiv" Assury 21101 (M7 f). Studien zu den Assur-Texten 5, 2014'


Baddeley, A.: 'Exodus: Gods and Kings.'

Starling, R.: 'Stinkfoot by Jeff James, The Yard Theatre, 23rd November 2014'