Rosetta Journal Issue #23. Spring 2019

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Robin Diver: Editorial


Youssri Abdelwahed: 'The Harpokratia in Graeco-Roman Egypt'

Book Reviews

Michael Lewis: 'Davide Domenici and Nicolὸ Marchetti (eds.), 2018. Urbanised Landscapes in Early Syro-Mesopotamia and Prehispanic Mesoamerica: Papers of a Cross-Cultural Seminar held in Honor of Robert McCormick Adams. Weisbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag. Pp 224. €35.00. (Free open access download available). ISBN 978-3-447-11086-0.'

Jennifer Turner: 'Gianluca Miniaci, Juan Carlos Moreno Garcia, Stephen Quirke, and Andréas Stauder (eds.), 2018. The Arts of Making in Ancient Egypt: Voices, images, and objects of material producers 2000-1550 BC. Leiden: Sidestone Press. Pp 275. €95.00. Hardback. €34.95 Paperback. ISBN 97890-8890-5247 / ISBN 97890-8890-5230.'

Mamede Queiroz Dias: 'Amy Russell, 2016. The Politics of Public Space in Republican Rome. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pp. xix & 226. £67.99 hardback. ISBN 978-1-1070-4049-6 (Hbk).'

Fabrizio Petorella: 'Francesco Berardi, 2017. La retorica degli esercizi preparatori: Glossario ragionato dei Progymnásmata. Hildesheim-Zürich-New York: Georg Olms Verlag, Spudasmata 172. Pp. 346. € 58.00. ISBN 978-3-487-15595-1.'

Anna Persig: 'Ali Bonner, 2018. The Myth of Pelagianism. Oxford: British Academy Monograph, The British Academy by Oxford University Press. Pp xviii & 342. £80(Hbk). ISBN: 978-0-19-726639-7.'