Rosetta Journal Issue #24. Summer 2019

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Robin Diver: Editorial


Georgia Choustoulaki: '[Demosthenes] 25 Against Aristogeiton: A Reconsideration'

Eugene Teytelbaum: 'Polybius's Views on Sieges and Siege Craft: Human and Technical Factors'

Mor Hajbi: 'The Conversion of Space VS The Conversion of the Population: Fourth Century Palestine'

Book Reviews

Joseph Scales: 'Ze’ev Safrai, 2018. Seeking out the Land: Land of Israel Traditions in Ancient Jewish, Christian and Samaritan Literature (200 BCE–400 CE). Jewish and Christian Perspectives 32. Leiden; Boston, MA: Brill. Pp. xv & 556. €160.00/$184.00 (Hbk). ISBN: 978-9-0043-3479-3'

Sonia Francisetti Brolin: 'Vayos Lapis and Antonis K. Petrides (eds.), 2019. Greek Tragedy After the Fifth Century: A Survey from ca. 400 BC to ca. AD 400. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019. Pp. XIV + 415. £90.00 (Hardback). $100.00 (e-book). ISBN: 9781107038554 (Hardback) / 9781108679770 (e-book)'

Silvio Bär: 'Katrien Levrie (ed., tr.), 2018. Jean Pédiasimos: Essai sur les douze travaux d’Héraclès. Édition critique, traduction et introduction. Leuven, Paris and Bristol: Peeters, Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta 270. Pp. 149. €86.00(Hbk). ISBN 978-90-429-3557-0'

Jacopo Marcon: 'Derek Krueger and Robert S. Nelson (eds.), 2016. The New Testament in Byzantium. Washington, DC: Dumbarton Oaks. Pp. 334. $65. Illustrated. (Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Symposia and Colloquia.) ISBN978 0 88402 414 9'

Robin Diver: 'Sheila Murnaghan and Deborah Roberts, 2018. Childhood and the Classics: Britain and America, 1850-1965. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Pp.362. £80(Hbk). ISBN: 9780199583478'